Public/Private Roles

Public-private partnership opportunities may be limited to the provision, maintenance and administration of adequate parking, and the proposed station structure.  Potential partnerships could include independent administration and maintenance of these publicly owned facilities by a private party. 

The recently completed Delta Street project has enhanced pedestrian connectivity between the station area, Main Street, and overflow parking area.  Mount Joy Station parking is somewhat unique along the Keystone Corridor in that both the adjoining and overflow parking areas are privately owned lots leased by the Borough.  Adjoining and overflow lots are owned by St. Mark’s United Methodist Church and Church of God of Mount Joy.  Efforts to maintain this existing partnership could be beneficial.

In addition to the Station Area, Mount Joy also includes a project being conducted by PennDOT – a $28 million station reconstruction project, which includes a pedestrian overpass, elevators on each side of the tracks, and covered platforms along the rails and located 20 feet below grade. The project is expected to begin in 2014 and could take up to three years to complete.

Mount Joy Station - Site Profile*

*Please note that the information provided in the Site Profiles was collected March 2013, therefore station area conditions may have changed over the past year.