Public/Private Roles

Opportunities exist for public-private partnerships around Harrisburg Station:

  • Access improvements focusing on streetscape enhancements and pedestrian amenities (e.g., lighting) on the Market Street Underpass and Mulberry Street Bridge, both primary gateways to Harrisburg Station present short-term opportunity.
  • Long-term, the former U.S. Post Office distribution facility site presents an opportunity to provide more direct pedestrian access via an elevated structure. The northern corner of the proposed project there is currently anchored by the recently redeveloped Pavone building at 1006 Market Street.  Both Market Street and 10th Street offer several vacant and underutilized structures that may be part of a redevelopment strategy to support TOD at the Harrisburg Station.


Harrisburg Station - Site Profile*

*Please note that the information provided in the Site Profiles was collected March 2013, therefore station area conditions may have changed over the past year.