Station Area Description

The area around Coatesville Station encompasses approximately 12.7 acres and extends in a linear fashion both east and west of the station along Fleetwood Street.  The area also includes the North Third Avenue, a corridor that connects the station to a vacant site on Business Route 30 (East Lincoln Highway) owned by the Coatesville Redevelopment Authority (RDA). Key property metrics with the Station Area are as follows:

  • Total Acreage                -     12.7 acres
  • Total Parcels                  -     64
  • Average Parcel Area       -     0.20 acres
  • Total Assessment Value -     $2,373,730
  • Average Parcel Value      -     $37,090

Coatesville Station - Site Profile*

*Please note that the information provided in the Site Profiles was collected March 2013, therefore station area conditions may have changed over the past year.