Public/Private Roles

A foundation for public-private partnership has been established at Ardmore Station. Lower Merion Township has been proactive in creating a redevelopment plan for the area based on taking advantage of the Amtrak and SEPTA transit activity at the core of its CBD. Beginning about 6 years ago, Lower Merion Township issued a Request for Proposals to private developers in order to select a partner for investing in redevelopment within the CBD on several large, underutilized properties within the core that were publically owned. As a result of this process, Lower Merion Township and Dranoff Properties are advancing the One Ardmore Place redevelopment project that will create mixed-use development less than 100 yards from the Amtrak and SEPTA station.

Ardmore Station - Site Profile*

*Please note that the information provided in the Site Profiles was collected March 2013, therefore station area conditions may have changed over the past year.